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"Maybe we should find out," Selina said, surprisingly slapping Harley's plump rear end."You are naughty,' Harley said, an evil smile crossing her lips.Her red and black costume clung to her skin, showcasing every part of her curvaceous form. Harley looked over her shoulder to witness his growth. A small bead of pre-cum formed at the tip of his penis. Harley wriggled her hips which made waves through her mountainous ass flesh.The size of her breasts rivaled Selina's, and they looked just as soft. Bruce moaned softly, anticipating a stroke that Harley refused to allow. B, not until you ask for something," Harley said, peering down at the throbbing penis. "You must beg to bury your face in my big ass," Harley venomously revealed."If that's you Harley, there's no need to hide," the satisfied woman stated, as she began to rise.The shadows of the cave moved until a woman revealed herself in front of Selina."STICK YOUR GIGANTIC FAT ASS IN MY FACE SO I CAN LICK YOUR ASSHOLE," the desperate man yelled.

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Harley touched the tip of his rock-hard head with her tongue and waited.All of Harley's curves were amazing, but they all paled in comparison to the part that finished the masterpiece. "Oh you're bad," Selina moaned, starting to rub her clit while sitting in the chair.Harley looked over her shoulder while squeezing Batman's thick pole tighter. "I can't hear you," Harley said, lowering her face so Bruce could feel her breath on his member."So you think he enjoyed you better than he would enjoy me?" she challenged, pressing herself against Selina's naked form.

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