Is paul mccartney dating renee zelweiger varve analysis dating method

The Oscar-winning actress and the musician reportedly spent two hours at the Victorian-style hotel's dining rooms which "are extremely dimly lit, mostly with candlelight," a source in the know said.actress was recently spotted at a Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers gig in New York with Mc Cartney, which sparked rumours that they are romantically involved.

"She kept running her fingers through her hair," said one rapt onlooker.Onlookers at the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers gig last Saturday say the 38-year-old Miss Zellweger's deeply flirtatious tete-a-tete with the former Beatle drew dagger looks from the ice blonde figure of one-time supermodel Christie Brinkley.The 53-year-old (and still stunning) former wife of singer Billy Joel is said to be furious that her younger rival has strayed on to territory where she has very much, or so she thought, planted her own flag.No wonder, then, given her avowed intent to snag Mr Right, that all eyes were on her fragile frame (her doll-like figure drew as many gasps of concern as admiration among the glitzy event's weight-obsessed females) as she set her sights on a likely target.That the object of her rather too eager attention should be none other than the newly single - and eminently eligible - Sir Paul Mc Cartney has understandably made her the subject of the gossip At the same time, however, the Bridget Jones star is said to have incurred the not inconsiderable wrath of a worthy - and equally glamorous - adversary.

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