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The famous three "Beeva" Kudhu Beeva, Medhe Beeva and Bodo Beeva in the district contributes to the most number of coconuts produced in Fuvahmulah.Apart from the Taro fields, large proportions of Pond-apple (Kalhuhuthu Meyvaa) can also be found in the district from the marsh land area associated with "Dhadimagi Kilhi".

He asked how much can he expect as monthly service charge. The interviewer refused to disclose any amount be it maximum, minimum or even average.Dhadimagu has the famous anchorage known as Neregando on its shores along with a boatyard.It is one of the historical harbours of Fuvahmulah.Other places in the world like Penang in Malaysia and Guwahati in Assam, India, are also named after this nut.The original name of the island could have been Mulah, but was called Fuvahmulah (the Mulah with the areca nut palms) to distinguish it from Boli Mulah – another island in ancient Maldives.

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