Norm golightly dating

Cage’s personal life was keeping the tabloids fed too.It had become well known after his part in Wild At Heart that Cage was a real-life Elvis fanatic, so the media kicked up a frenzy when he began dating Lisa-Marie Presley in 2001.However, the couple’s relationship was not to last beyond this.Just before Cage made 'Moonstruck', he had taken a part in what was to become something of a cult hit, 'Raising Arizona'.Following the worldwide success of 'Leaving Las Vegas', Cage was in the position to negotiate the big-bucks offers on his own terms.

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This film marked the end of the Uncle-Nephew working relationship though.

Coppola had realised this after Cage’s surreal techniques incurred the wrath of studio executives who disliked his method.

One person who had valued Cage’s performances was the singer Cher and she subsequently requested he be cast as her young lover in the 1987 film 'Moonstruck'.

Cage’s next project, 'Rumble Fish' came about thanks to a minor helping hand from Francis Ford-Coppola and he impressed enough to gain a part in 'Racing with the Moon' with another actor climbing the steep ladder to fame - Sean Penn.

Choosing to carry on piggy-backing off his Uncle’s success, Cage was cast in Coppola’s 'The Cotton Club' in 1984.

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