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Removing a freewheel is a chore, because pedaling tightens it onto the hub threads.

With a Freehub, on the other hand, once the sprockets are removed, the right hub flange is accessible for replacement of a broken spoke. The sprockets are commonly sold as a set, called a "cassette".

Dura-Ace Freehubs used a different, smaller thread, which worked only with Dura-Ace threaded sprockets.

Some newer Freehubs have the right-side bearing farther inboard, but these use oversize axles.This saves weight, but sprockets that come mounted on a spider cannot be interchanged except as a complete unit.Modern Hyperglide-type cassettes (everything made since the late 1980s) use a threaded lockring to hold the sprockets onto the splines of the Freehub body.Turn the smallest sprocket counterclockwise with a chain whip, while holding the cluster from turning backwards with another chain whip. If you have a hub that only uses Uniglide cassettes, the best thing to do is to upgrade the hub by transplanting a Hyperglide body onto it.A neat trick: it is also possible in an emergency to remove the smallest Uniglide sprocket without any special tools. Alternatively, you can fit Hyperglide sprockets onto a Uniglide body by grinding or filing off the one wide spline.

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