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This conclusion comes from the fact that their attitudes were much more accepting of the maltreatment or abuse of animals than was found for owners of low risk for aggression dog breeds.Obviously this is a just a correlational study, so one cannot conclude that all owners of high risk for aggression dogs show these negative personality characteristics.

Back in 1996 I conducted a study of over 6000 people in which I was able to show that a person’s personality predicted the breed of dog that they would most likely select and would be happy with.None of these individuals appears to demonstrate criminal tendencies nor psychopathological personality characteristics.Still it is interesting that a higher percentage of people with certain negative behavioral and personality characteristics do seem to be attracted to owning dog breeds that are of higher risk for aggression.The data from that study formed the basis of my book That work stimulated the thinking of some psychologists and some decided to look specifically at the personality characteristics of dog owners that chose dog breeds with a high risk for aggression.Such dog breeds are often labeled as “vicious.” Definitions of a vary among municipalities.

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