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(10/17) Andy Moore (V ’53-58) writes : “In September we had the 2nd reunion of members of a rather disreputable flat in Barons Court in 1960/61.The previous reunion was held in 1990 and we thought it time to have another before any of us dropped.He bought a copy of John Lister-Kaye’s (S ’59-64) ‘The Dun Cow Rib’ with its descriptions of his years at Allhallows and it had him laughing and crying at the same time.His old chum Tony Lloyd (M ’62-67) was in good form in Southern Spain with his beautiful wife, when John phoned him recently.In his Acknowledgments Tariq expresses his love and thanks to John Stubbs, his English teacher at Allhallows, whose comments on an early draft were extremely helpful.(11/17) John Higgins (St ’48-51) writes “I am still in the land of the living and happy down here in Brazil.Very best wishes to everyone who might remember me, and a happy future for all OHs.” (11/17) Bruce Poulter (St 64-69), who lives with wife Jane at Merley in Dorset, says he has now definitely quit work, after a short-lived retirement attempt two years ago.That is when he left French-based hi-tech multinational Thales at Crawley in Sussex.

Allhallows was truly John’s home for many years when his parents were abroad and he has wonderful memories of the imposing buildings, the undercliff, the staff and the lifelong friends he made there.

Bruce specialised in developing software that automatically tests avionics products.

He admits to feeling relief when his designs cooperated.

Daughters Rosemary and Louise have long left the nest and Bruce spends much time aboard his Mirror dinghy in Poole Harbour, as well as being a sidesman at the Lantern Church in Merley.

After years of little exercise and miles of driving to Crawley, he says he now walks or cycles everywhere.

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