Why are parents concerned about dating

Although my mum does have a bee in her bonnet about her online ‘image’ so sometimes she’s worse.” Regardless of which gender is worse, it seems that parents are humiliating their offspring as much as ever.

But, as Dr Halsey says: “That’s part of growing up.

3) Ending sentences in '…' I have no idea why but so many parents insist on ending their sentences with ellipses.Obviously that makes it pretty hard to say no when they add you.She's a menace.” Kate’s mum is not the only serial social media ‘menace’ parent out there – a recent study shows almost a third of young people have been humiliated by their parents on social media, with 30 per cent of 18-34 years olds blocking or deleting their parents from Facebook.) or asks me why my intelligent, well-spoken friend is writing ‘innit blud’ on my wall (‘Omg mum, it’s irony’.) But why do parents feel the need to interact with their offspring on social media?Are they on a middle-aged mission to humiliate their beleaguered children, or do they have ulterior motives? The embarrassment element isn’t always obvious for parents until the young person says, oh no what have you done?

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